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Our team of expert tax specialists gives you the tax help you need to resolve your tax debt problems. Our years of experience and track record for proven results ensure that our expert tax specialists understand the complex IRS code and the continual changes each year. Your situation is unique and will be reviewed by one of our tax specialists instantly. We recognize that you have concerns and will value the importance of our rapid response.

We are capable of saving you time, and money through our skilled analysis of your situation and our detailed services. Our tax specialists are with you every step of the way making your tax problem a thing of the past. With Instant Tax Help our masterful tax specialists will provide you with a free consultation and analysis of your current tax issue, and match you with the solution best for you and your goals. We guarantee you will get the best customer service each and every step of the way, and the best resolution possible. Get started by filling out the no obligation form and receive your free analysis and consultation.

Remember the following when speaking with the IRS:

There are several methods to handle your IRS tax debt. Don't go to the IRS without accurate information! The IRS has spent significant money training their agents for the sole purpose of collection. Do not be fooled, the IRS is not here to help you with your tax problem! Contacting the IRS without specific information will be difficult and troublesome.

As you start to speak to IRS agents, you will notice they ask you intense questions about your income, your banking information, your employment, and more. This data is helpful to the IRS, and will help them decide how quickly to seize assets. IRS agents may also use this information to pressure you into payments you cannot afford.

Fact: If the IRS gets a taxpayer to agree to a higher payment amount then he/she would be required to pay under the National Standards, the IRS does NOT have to inform the taxpayer of the lower payment option or their rights! Don't let the IRS take control of your tax debt!

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Are there solutions for my back taxes?

Yes, there are several ways to settle your back taxes with the IRS. Settlement methods are available for nearly every financial situation. There are hundreds of thousands of people that cannot afford to pay their back taxes, and the worst thing you can do is avoid the issue. Without an agreement, the IRS will continue to compound the penalties and interest!

5 Settlement Options

1. Penalty Abatement:

As you already know, the IRS compounds penalties and interest on tax debts. This compounds the debt into an unreasonable amount quickly. Penalty Abatement will help you resolve your tax debt quickly, and in a short period of time. To get penalties and interest dismissed, you have to show that you have satisfactory reasons for not paying the taxes at the time due. Some examples would be the death of a family member, severe health issues, natural disasters, long terms of unemployment, etc. Get expert advice to see if you can qualify.

2. Offer in Compromise:

If you qualify, an Offer in Compromise could be the best resolution for your tax issue. The Offer in Compromise program resolves your tax debt for less than what you owe, and includes all types of taxes, penalties, interest. Payroll taxes can also be included in an Offer in Compromise.

3. Innocent Spouse:

If you are filing joint returns with your spouse, you are each held responsible for the tax return, the correct payment of the taxes due, and the resolution of your tax debts. If one spouse has withheld information and had the other spouse unknowingly sign a tax return with a balance due, you may not be responsible for the joint debt. In such cases, Innocent Spouse would be the only way to absolve you from the tax issue at hand. There are several ways to qualify for innocent spouse, find out what the options are and get relief today!

4. Installment Agreement:

Qualifying for an Offer in Compromise is hard, and if you do not meet the regulations the next best solution is an Installment Agreement. The Installment Agreement program allows the taxpayer to make timely monthly payments to the IRS until the balance is paid in full, or the Statute of Limitation expires. The IRS uses complex formulas to calculate the monthly payment amount, and disclosing inaccurate information to the IRS can put the taxpayer into a higher payment then required. It is urgent that you receive information and advice to negotiate an affordable monthly payment. Remember, the IRS wants to make the payment as high as possible - no matter if you can afford the payment or not!

5. Currently Not Collectible:

In special situations where a tax payer is not working or on a small income, the IRS cannot reasonably expect the tax payer to make back tax payments. The tax payer cannot have significant assets of any value that the IRS may see as potential ways of securing the back tax amount due. Having an expert in IRS tax code can make the difference between an unmanageable monthly payment to the IRS and not having a tax payment at all!